My top 5 favorite Beauty Items today!

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1. Dr. Perricone Cold Plasma – For me a true anti-aging miracle cream. Using it since it came out. I can see a big difference in my skin. Sadly, Nordstrom Rack does not continue to carry the smaller sizes, which saved a lot of$.

2. Dr. Hauschka Anti-Aging Serum – My favorite BIO Serum! Love how quick it absorbs into my skin . I use it under all my moisturizers.

3. CERAVE – Can’t say enough about how great this Drugstore Brand Skin Care is. Derma recommended and super cheap. But for my sensitive skin a great day and night cream alternative. Available at most Drugstores and under $ 20.00

4. OJON – TREATMENT Spray – I call it the “healthy” hair spray! Only use hairspray when I need to. Thank God my hair is thick and strong

and holds up pretty well. But sometimes I need some extra shine, and this spray gives hold and shine. The best of all the sprays I used.


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